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case study: digital portraits

This project was executed while I was a partner at SuperWorks.

Branding and website creation for a POC owned investment group. This project was a collaboration between McCalman.Co and SuperWorks, with McCalman.Co in charge of branding, strategy and design, while SuperWorks handled the web development. I was commissioned to create digital portraits for each member of this six-person team.


1 / team portraits
IAF is an investment group focused on “investing in a future where people of color experience true agency and participation in the American economy.” My goal for the portraiture was to balance a fresh and vibrant energy with a level of sophistication that would speak to the group's professional expertise.

2 / pixels
How do you create a cohesive set of portrait illustrations using a selection of amateur photographs provided by the subjects? Well, the most important step is giving the participants a detailed enough set of guidelines that you will have adequate source material to work with — easier said than done. The rest relies on a robust set of Photoshop skills. 

3 / outcome