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case study: custom cakes

This project was executed while I was a partner at SuperWorks.

Web store and pastry photo shoot for a scrappy local bakery in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.

Art Direction
User Experience Design
Information Organization
Web Development

1 / context
Stacie Pierce is a talented, industrious, conscientious and adamantly humble pastry chef. She’s also a good friend. After making it through eight years and a global pandemic with a devoted customer base and an expanding wholesale business, she was finally ready to invest in a professional web store. 

2 / custom cakes
The former Little Bee Baking website didn’t have an online ordering system. What it had were a plethora of instructions and a confusing array of menu options — it wasn’t serving the business or the customer.

Our challenge was how to create an easy-to-use, streamlined ordering system that also offered the wide selection of options that Little Bee Baking was accustomed to giving its clientele. The budget didn’t allow for a custom developer, so we decided to go with the SquareSpace platform based on its built-in functionality and potential for future expansion. To acheive our goals within the confines of the SquareSpace system required fine-tuned data organization. 

3 / when it looks as good as it tastes
The beautiful food photography by Amna Suhail allows Stacie’s delicious edibles to speak for themselves.